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Russia has doubts Trump will leave Syria – Washington Examiner

Russia isn’t sure President Trump will make good on his promise to withdraw troops from Syria, in part because of past broken promises from the U.S. to withdraw troops from other regions.

“Of course, we need to look at what will happen in reality,” said Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Let’s recall the previous U.S. president and those promises concerning the withdrawal from Afghanistan, which were made six or seven years ago, and compare them to reality.”

“That’s why we prefer to wait patiently and analyze what is happening in actual fact,” Peskov said.

Peskov was apparently referencing former President Barack Obama, who said he would withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan. He later postponed that decision to avoid a further deterioration of security there.

Trump’s decision to get out of Syria was widely criticized as a victory for both Putin and Syrian President Bashar Assad. Many have accused Putin of helping Assad carry out a civil war that has led to a humanitarian crisis.

Peskov said Russia only wants a “stable” Syria.

“The Kremlin is primarily interested in ensuring that the situation in Afghanistan remains stable, and that there is no place there for the proliferation of radical ideology and extremist influence, and that ISIL and other fanatical organizations do not grow stronger there,” he said.

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